About ADFAS Travel

ADFAS Travel tours are open to everyone!

ADFAS Travel is the official travel program of the Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS). Each year we offer a small range of international and Australian tours designed to appeal to ADFAS members or anyone with a strong interest in the visual arts.  All tours are led by qualified experts. ADFAS Travel helps to support the activities of ADFAS, including sponsorship of young artists and contributions to the preservation of sites around Australia.


ADFAS Travel itineraries are designed to meet the travel needs of members - active, intelligent and mature people. Each day is a carefully thought-through mix of experiences, including walking tours, gallery visits, scenery and performances.


Share your journey with fellow ADFAS members and their friends from around Australia and New Zealand. Like you ADFAS members have a strong interest in the arts and travel, making for lively and engaging company on tour.


Wherever possible we make each stay three or four nights and leave time for relaxing, individual sightseeing and dining. Fitness levels for each tour let you know how physically demanding the itinerary is.


One of the benefits of group travel is the chance to enjoy experiences that you can't have as an individual. These include private out-of-hours visits to museums, tickets to sold-out performances, special lectures from local experts. We try to build at least one of these into each tour.


All tours are led by a NADFAS/ADFAS lecturer or a similarly qualified professional. Their detailed knowledge, enthusiasm and travel experience will transform your experience. You will see and understand far more than the average traveller.


ADFAS Travel is managed by one of Australia's most experienced 'special interest' tour operators, Academy Travel. Decades of experience and knowledge are used to create and operate each tour, backed up by a Sydney-based office staff of 16 and a network of trusted contacts around the world.